Sunflower Close-up: “A Jealous Lover”

Sunflower Close-up

“A Jealous Lover” (Sunflower Close-up) / Jessie T. Ponce Photography / 2015

Oops, I missed a Sunday. Sorry, work can kill the pleasures of a hobby sometimes. I still have enough materials to publish but just momentarily got carried away with some other priorities.  Anyway, yes, I’m still here, determined to publish at least one post each week.  In fact, I have an exciting second part to the series on sunflower close-ups, this time the images are either in sepia or in B&W.

I thought it is good to start the second part of the series with this image which includes an added character aside from the flower. As I was doing the photo-shoot in my backyard, this bee got so jealous of the intimate attention I was giving to the sunflowers that he came buzzing around my head and zooming across the screen wherever I point my lens. Getting the message he was conveying, I obliged with a few clicks.  And so, satisfied that he got some attention, he buzzed away with a faint murmur of thanks and my fear that he’ll leave me with a sting behind my ear did not happen.

The jealous bee actually left something better.  He gave me the idea to do some of the images in sepia or black and white. As I reviewed the initial images I took of him, I thought that they looked like textbook photos about “pollination” or some related topic.  To avoid that, I decided to tone down the color on some images and give focus on textures, lines and shapes.  The succeeding images are the results of that decision.  Thank God for bees!