A Cloudy Bay Sunset

Cloudy Bay Sunset

A Cloudy Bay Sunset / Jessie T. Ponce Photography / May 2015

There is something about the names of certain geographic sites in the Central Province of Papua New Guinea that I find very interesting.  Among those names are “Amazon Bay”, “Aroma Coast”, “Robinson River”, and, of course “Cloudy Bay” — names that sound like they were penned from an adventure novel or adopted from Dota or a similar adventure game.  Being in the exotic Papua New Guinea; seeing the actual place and hearing the name actually made me wonder about the circumstances surrounding the person who christened it or for whom it was named (somebody has to do a research on this!).  After witnessing this glorious sunset, I asked locals where the place took its name and the answer was because it always rains in this area.   Perhaps that was the story behind; a Western explorer encountering heavy tropical rains for the first time in this strange place had decided to call it “Cloudy Bay”.  Those thick dark clouds at the background are probably telling the story.