Sir Woolly Whiskers


“Sir Woolly Whiskers” / Jessie Ponce / June 2016

This is a true story:

He was a nobody when he decided to be a part the small cat kingdom in the compound. There was a huge alpha male, Ramon, who reigned over a harem of lady cats. And Ramon was fierce, protective of his ward, undeterred even by the meanest of the neighborhood dogs who stray into the compound to pick a fight.  Whiskers was just a young gentlecat then, looking to find a mate and build a home, when he also found himself in Ramon’s territory.  But he was smart and quick to learn.   A short lesson in humility from Ramon resulted to gaping claw marks  on his back and a healthy amount of respect for the aging alpha male. But his wounds eventually healed and he decided to stay though often just staying in a corner and never going too close to the lady cats, lest he angered Ramon.  And then, one day, Ramon disappeared.  Some say he was kidnapped, others that he had seized another harem down the block,  and still others that  he had gone to the nearby woods to die with dignity, away from the eyes of his faithful followers — nobody really knew.   And so, to make the long story short, with Ramon’s mysterious disappearance, Whiskers was crowned the new alpha male and thenceforth was dubbed, “Sir Woolly Whiskers” by the compound’s queen.  And so, from then on, Whiskers napped soundly and lived happily ever after.