The Women of Ywangan

My humble contribution to the observance of International Women’s Day today.

A Traveler's Tale

Village women of Myanmar In a village where women get married and become mothers at a tender age, she chose to remain happily single at 23 but she doesn’t know exactly what she is looking forward to.

Fate has so decided that they be born in a remote village of an obscure township called Ywangan. Situated in the hilly region of Southern Shan State in Myanmar, the place can be called a paradise to a nature lover. Blessed with fertile soil and a favorable climate, the township is basically a patchwork of vegetable and flower gardens like a very large colorful quilt laid upon endless rolling hills.

Ywangan, Myanmar A village in Ywangan. A patchwork of vegetable gardens set on the rolling hills provide color to the landscape all year round.

On rainy days, when water is in abundance, the hills simply explode in color from the dark green cabbages to the golden rice…

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