Easter, iPhone 8+ and Galaxy Note 8

For my Easter post, I chose these two simple photos which, at least to me, suggest the upward motion of life — more or less symbolizing the message of the occasion.  This is also my way of sending a Happy Easter greeting to everyone.


Having said that, you might find it interesting to know that these images were taken with the cameras of two of the most sought after mobile phones nowadays, the iPhone 8 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.  In my continuing search for cameras that match my lifestyle of still trying to fit a hobby with frequent travels to difficult places but with gradually dwindling inclination to carry a heavy photography gear around (call it ageing); I inadvertently ended up with these two amazing phones.


It was not among my greedy intentions to acquire both gadgets.  At first I only wanted something that could replace my iPhone 6s for my international roaming line but with a better camera — something that could compete with or even replace my regular photography gear. For that I chose the iPhone 8+ and its impressive dual (wide angle and telephoto) front camera.  However, in addition to my roaming mobile phone, I regularly carry a cheaper dual sim phone for the local numbers in the country I’m working in.   The cheap phone I had has so far been serving the purpose just fine, but then I belatedly stumbled upon Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8. And then greed set in.  Note 8 can accommodate 2 sim cards (one can be used for additional memory) and also has dual cameras that are just as strong as (some say even better than) those of the iPhone 8+.  But the feature that greatly sweetened the pot for me was the stylus pen supported by a note-taking app — something that would be most handy in the rough environments where a notebook an a pen will be too cumbersome.   To make the long story short, I dumped the cheap phone and also bought myself a Galaxy Note 8 at around the same price as the iPhone 8+.

Screenshot (17)

Comparison of the specs between the Galaxy Note 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus

I’m not about to launch a detailed comparison of the photo quality of these two gadgets.  The very similar specs of both phones are already compared in the table above and a lot of detailed reviews on each or both gadgets can be found in the net.  As for me, I still have to discover the limits of what each gadget can do but, so far, both appear to promise great photos and I may soon hit the off-the-beaten-path with neither my DSLR nor my mirrorless compacts but just a couple of expensive but immensely promising mobile phones.

By the way, if you guessed that the first photo was taken by a Galaxy Note 8 and the second one was taken with an iPhone 8+, you were right.  Happy Easter!  (JTP)