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The Sule Pagoda

The Sule Pagoda is a Burmese stupa located in the heart of downtown Yangon, occupying the centre of the city and an important space in contemporary Burmese politics, ideology and geography. According to legend, it was built before the Shwedagon… Continue reading

Edible Bird’s Nests and the Swiftlets of Bokpyin

The Bokpyin I Knew The Thanintharyi Region is a long, narrow strip of land on the southern section of Myanmar that stretches out like a bent elongated arm trying desperately to catch the… Continue reading

The Message of Hpaungdawoo

Ngaputaw Township,  Myanmar, December 2016:   I don’t know if it was built to mark the spot where the Andaman Sea meets the glorious tides of the Bay of Bengal,  or the builders were… Continue reading

Postcards from Singapore 32

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