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Bamboo 1

I chose to place the light at the background of this photo to emphasize the amazing character of this incredible plant.  A regular feature of our tropical rainforests; the bamboo is one of… Continue reading

Snatching Birds from Midair in Nauru

NO, the above photo is not a scene from one of those “Alien” movies; the men are not worshiping something in the skies but are swinging something in their hands; and that black… Continue reading

Time in a Bottle

If I could save time in a bottle The first thing that I’d like to do Is to save everyday ‘Til eternity passes away Just to spend them with you -oOo- If I… Continue reading


I used to post something, mostly articles/photo essays or sets of photos, every other day.  At that rate last year, according to WP’s Annual Report which I really appreciate; it still summed up… Continue reading

Capa de Leon 4

This is the last of my set of photos of this exotic hanging plant, Capa de Leon (Giant Staghorn Fern), nonetheless, they certainly are not the least.  The curves and contours, tones and textures are just… Continue reading

Capa de Leon 3

The textures, lines and contours on the  Capa de Leon (Giant Staghorn Fern) were what I wanted to capture in this series of photos. I have six of  these unique plants clinging to the branches… Continue reading

Capa de Leon 2

I set these Capa de Leon (Giant Staghorn Fern) ‘tree huggers’ on the branches of several rambutan trees in my farm some two or 3 years ago.  They were just between 6-10 inches in… Continue reading

Capa de Leon 1

I’ve lined up this series of sepia / black and white photos for my next posts.  They will serve as breakers in between the usual photo essays/journals about places I’ve visited which I’ve… Continue reading

Aceh 2006

I had an opportunity to help undertake relief and rehabilitation work in Aceh in 2006, more than one year after the Indian Ocean Tsunami devastated the place. As usual, I always had a… Continue reading

Lotus Morning

I wanted to take a breather from my balcony series so I decided to post a different set of pictures today.  I’ve been recently inspired by fellow bloggers’ photos of subjects reflected on… Continue reading

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