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Of Nuns and Monks 6

Myanmar, July 2016:  Girls from a very young age to their early youth get trained on the Buddhist traditions.  In this photo, the girls, including a very young one, get ready to do… Continue reading

A Rice Planter 8

Of Nuns and Monks 5

Myanmar, July 2016:  An elderly nun prays in front of one of the hundreds of Buddha images inside the Shwedagon.

A Rice Planter 7

Of Nuns and Monks 3

An elderly monk offers prayers for the alms he collected for the day….

Of Nuns and Monks 2

Myanmar, July 2016:  I am amazed at the strength of faith and dedication Myanmar people demonstrate towards their religion.  Young boys and girls, at a very young age, get trained on the teachings… Continue reading

Of Nuns and Monks 1

Myanmar, July 2016:  Myanmar is one of the most religious countries in Asia.  Buddhist of the Theravada tradition dominate the population and, indeed, are very visible in the Myanmar people’s daily lives, from… Continue reading

Myanmar Snapshots 10: Where All Roads Lead

Typical of most agricultural areas, folks in rural Myanmar head out to their farms very early in the morning to accomplish enough farm chores before it becomes too hot to work under the… Continue reading

Myanmar Snapshots 8: Village Portraits

February 2016: There is a sweet air of gentleness and warmth that inspires me when I visit the remote villages of Myanmar.  People’s faces are just so serene and friendly that I feel… Continue reading

Myanmar Snapshots 7: The Retro Sidecar

Kawhmu Township, Myanmar; March 2016: Walking around the township center, I can’t help but feel as if I was thrown back in time to the 1930s.  Not that I knew exactly how the… Continue reading

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