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Village Market – A Study of Light

I love taking photos of local village markets because they provide a snapshot of the life in the village; how villagers make a living, what they eat, what they wear, how they are… Continue reading

The Making of Monks

In Myanmar, all boys have to experience “monk-hood” once or several times before they reach the age of 20.  In the course of a year, usually during the celebration of the Thingyan festival,… Continue reading


May 2018, Southern Shan State, Myanmar.  We were in a series of meetings to consult villagers regarding their development needs.  Luckily for me, I was not the one leading the discussions and thus… Continue reading

Shan Portraits 1: Octogenarian

Portraits of an 88 year old Danu tribesman

Happy New Year!

Regardless of our current situation in life, may we welcome 2018 with joy and renewed hope, and may we always find reasons to continue celebrating the Gift of Life throughout the year and… Continue reading

Faces of Kadayawan 2017

The Kadayawan Festival, the biggest annual festival being celebrated in Davao City, in the Philippines derives its inspiration from the city’s rich cultural origins.  Often called “The Festival of Festivals”, the Kadayawan celebrates the diversity of the… Continue reading

The Long-necked Kayan Women – A Surprise Encounter

A seemingly unearthly sight of a living human head ethereally suspended, almost separated, from the body by a pile of brass rings — a sight that I once naively thought could only belong… Continue reading

Lotus Lady

Portraits of Ngaputaw

My photography gear are set for two main purposes: landscapes and portraits.  The heavy 300mm lens installed in one of the two cameras I always carry around is mostly used for one purpose:… Continue reading


Ngaputaw Township, Myanmar; December 2016.  There was a festive air in the village.  Strangers from foreign lands have arrived and wanted to talk to village members.  The villagers have arranged an elaborate welcoming… Continue reading

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