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Of Nuns and Monks

Myanmar, July 2016:  It suddenly rained while I was taking photos of Yangon’s Shwedagon Pagoda in July so I took shelter in one of the buildings where a number of Buddhist monks, pilgrims… Continue reading

Of Nuns and Monks 10

Myanmar, July 2016:  The faces of these three girl nuns show varied emotions.  Collecting alms around the neighborhood could be exciting but it could also be tiresome and waking up very early on… Continue reading

A Boy’s Hope

Of Nuns and Monks 9

Myanmar, July 2016:  A group of girl nuns wait for alms to be given from a still closed business establishment.

A Rice Planter 11

Of Nuns and Monks 8

Myanmar, July 2016:  Four girls with their full nun attires and alms collection buckets do the rounds in the streets of Yangon.

A Rice Planter 10

The Day’s Catch

Of Nuns and Monks 7

Myanmar, July 2016:  A monk reads a chant in front of one of the hundreds of Buddha images at the Shwedagon.

A Rice Planter 9

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