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Of Nuns and Monks 6

Myanmar, July 2016:  Girls from a very young age to their early youth get trained on the Buddhist traditions.  In this photo, the girls, including a very young one, get ready to do… Continue reading

A Rice Planter 8

Of Nuns and Monks 5

Myanmar, July 2016:  An elderly nun prays in front of one of the hundreds of Buddha images inside the Shwedagon.

A Rice Planter 7

A Rice Planter 6

Of Nuns and Monks 3

An elderly monk offers prayers for the alms he collected for the day….

A Rice Planter 5

Of Nuns and Monks 2

Myanmar, July 2016:  I am amazed at the strength of faith and dedication Myanmar people demonstrate towards their religion.  Young boys and girls, at a very young age, get trained on the teachings… Continue reading

A Rice Planter 4

A Rice Planter 3

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