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Nauru: Life on the Island

This is the second to the final set of photos for my Nauru series.  I thought that I’d add few more photos and details before I cap the series with my ‘bird story’.… Continue reading

Nauru: Boat Scenes

Life on the island-nation of Nauru revolves around phosphate: mining at the center of the island and loading on its shore.  Because of the absence of a commercial wharf, the cantilever, a major… Continue reading

Nauru Seascapes

The road that goes around the island-nation of Nauru is less than 20 kilometers long so it’s quite easy to regularly drive around the country and search for photo ops. There isn’t much… Continue reading

Nauru: The World’s Smallest Island-Nation

Arriving  for the first time in Nauru  in 2007 (from Brisbane with a brief stopover at Honiara, the Solomon Islands); I briefly feared that the plane would actually end up floating in the… Continue reading

The Trump Tower and Other Rising Structures in Batumi

I got excited when I saw the above image showing the Trump Tower that will soon rise in the Republic of Georgia‘s Black Sea coast of Batumi (for more details about this image,… Continue reading

Boulevard by the Black Sea

. Batumi is a port city by the Black Sea.  Having heard that it’s such a beautiful place, I made sure that on my last visit to Georgia (the country) I was able… Continue reading

Black Sea

My recent visits to the Republic of Georgia in South Caucasus in late 2010 and early 2011 probably contributed  the most number of photos to my collection.  This was not only because I made it a commitment to visit… Continue reading

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