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Bamboo Jetty

Ngaputaw Township / July 2016: A couple of ladies carefully make their way to shore through a makeshift bamboo jetty.  Passenger boats ply a river network that connects remote villages to the town… Continue reading

In Seach


A Cloudy Morning

Inle Lake, Myanmar / September 2016:  Situated almost almost 3,000 feet above sea level in the Shan Hills of Myanmar, Inle Lake receives a lot of rainfall and serves as a catch basin… Continue reading

Loose Line

Inle Lake, Myanmar / September 2016:  Finding this man, armed with a fishing line attached to a bamboo pole and ready with a big basket and a teapot; I asked my boatman to… Continue reading

A Daily Dance

Inle Lake, Myanmar / September 2016. Just like any touristy place in the world, there are locals who pose to entertain tourists and there are those who do it because it has always… Continue reading

Fish Drive

Inle Lake, Myanmar / September 2016. Aside from the Inle fishermen’s unique way of paddling using their foot, I also discovered one of their unique ways of catching fish.  The fishermen work in… Continue reading


Shell Time

Morning Quest

Paddling with a Foot

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