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River Cruisers



Picturesque Shan Hills

Ywangan Township, Southern Shan State, Myanmar. ¬†God has so blessed this mountainous place so much so that monsoon rains are like heavenly manna that feed the fertile soil and make it bloom in… Continue reading

The Long-necked Kayan Women – A Surprise Encounter

Source: The Long-necked Kayan Women – A Surprise Encounter

The Long-necked Kayan Women – A Surprise Encounter

A seemingly unearthly sight of a living human head ethereally suspended, almost separated, from the body by a pile of brass rings — a sight that I once naively thought could only belong… Continue reading

Lotus Lady

Edible Bird’s Nests and the Swiftlets of Bokpyin

The Bokpyin I Knew The Thanintharyi Region is a long, narrow strip of land on the southern section of Myanmar that stretches out like a bent elongated arm trying desperately to catch the… Continue reading

Andaman Sea: Welcoming the Tide

Andaman Sea: The Day’s Haul

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