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sunday Close-up: Sunbeam

a close-up shot of a sunflower

Sunday Close-up: Sunburst

a close-up shot of a sunflower

Sunday Close-up: Sunlight

Sunday Close-up: Sunrise


Sunday Close-up: Sun Catchers

Okay, it’s time to brighten up our Sundays now that the Sunday Market series has ended. One good thing about life in SE Asia is the fact that, in most countries, there are… Continue reading

He has Risen!

Yes, it’s a macro shot of a sunflower and I’ll be posting more on this small project in the coming days but I thought it wise to start the series with a greeting. … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Tropical Fruits Facts and Legends

On July 21, 2011, A Traveller’s Tale was born with its very first post, “Tropical Fruits Facts and Legends: Asia’s Notorious “King of Fruits”.  Until September of that year, a total of seven… Continue reading

Benches and Pathways 15

Being my favorite, I have reserved this photo of a garden set for the final image of this series.  I just can’t help but imagine myself having coffee and a leisurely morning conversation… Continue reading

Benches and Pathways 14

Benches and Pathways 13

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