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Re-posted my article and photos of this controversial tropical fruit in my other WordPress site, Contemplations of a Restless Mind.  See Tropical Fruit Facts and Legends: Durian- Asia’s Notorious King of Fruits.  

Macros & Close-ups 6: Hibiscus

  Related Posts by Shutter Bug: Macros & Close-ups 5: Fire and Rain Macros & Close-ups 4: Pistil Macros & Close-ups 3: Wheelchair Macros & Close-ups 2: Surf Macros & Close-ups 1: Morning… Continue reading

Bush Food in Kiunga

I mentioned in Avian View 1 that I’m going back to PNG with hopes of capturing images of the elusive bird-of-paradise in the wild.  Well, I’ve been here in Kiunga, Western Province for six… Continue reading

Capa de Leon: A Gallery

I had a short break from travelling early this year so I spent most of my time in a fruit farm which I’ve been trying to develop into a tropical garden for many… Continue reading

Tropical Fruit Facts and Legends: Pomelo – The Fruit of Reunion

Fruit with Many Names The largest of all citrus fruits and native to South-East Asia , the pomelo (Citrus maxima or Citrus grandis) comes with many other names in English including pummelo, pommelo, Chinese… Continue reading

The Waling-waling and Other Orchids and Flowers of Davao City

(This article is a continuation of my article at HubPages, “Exotic Travel Destinations – Philippines: The Kadayawan Festival of Davao City”.) Orchid connoisseurs and flower/plant lovers who visit the Kadayawan Festival held in August each year… Continue reading

Tropical Fruit Facts & Legends: Jackfruit – The World’s Largest Fruit

The Largest Tree-Borne Fruit The jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) is the largest of all tree-borne fruits (As distinguished from certain varieties of squash and pumpkin both of which do not grow from a tree… Continue reading

Tropical Fruit Facts and Legends: Papaya – The Fruit of the Angels

The papaya is native to the tropics and is believed to have been first cultivated in Mexico.  The Conquistadors who landed in the tropical Americas found and tried the papaya fruit and thereafter gave… Continue reading

Tropical Fruit Facts and Legends: Mango – The Fruit of Love and Friendship

A National Fruit The mango is the most consumed fruit in the world and mangoes comprise approximately half of all tropical fruits produced worldwide. Mango is the national fruit of India, Pakistan, and the Philippines and… Continue reading

Tropical Fruit Facts and Legends: Pineapple – The Fruit of Hospitality

Strange Fruit from the Tropics In 1493, when Columbus and his men arrived in the island of Guadalupe; Carib Indians showed their gesture of friendship and hospitality to strangers by offering juicy slices… Continue reading

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