The Header Photo

I am using my own original photos for the header image in my blog and, in choosing the photo to be used in the header, I only had one criteria in mind: it should be one of the best photos I have ever taken.  The very first header photo I decided to use in this blog is this one:

Equestrian Moon

“Equestrian Moon” / Mongolia 2009 (Central Aimag):  It was late autumn when I last visited Mongolia in 2009.  Though the weather was getting really cold, the snow has not fallen yet and travel to the countryside was still favorable.   I and a good friend decided to drive to the Central Aimag (the province closest to the capital city of Ulaanbaatar) one weekend to visit another old friend who was a doctor but chose to live among the nomadic herders.  It was another great photo opportunity for me when we reached our friend’s herder camp and I had a busy time taking photos of the people and surroundings in this exotic place.  We were about to get back to our car and head home when I noticed the full moon rising in the horizon while a group of horses still grazed on the steppes.  One of the resulting photos was  this fantastic silhouette of grazing horses.