Myanmar Snapshots 3: A Theravada Tradition

Having been conditioned for many years to the rigid security arrangements in Papua New Guinea’s capital, Port Moresby, I was very careful when I first explored the streets of Yangon, Myanmar‘s commercial capital… Continue reading

Myanmar Snapshots 2: Rural Markets

I love examining local markets when visiting a new place.  Among the most exciting ones I have visited were those in a very remote town in Papua New Guinea (see Daru Island –… Continue reading

Myanmar Snapshots 1: Subtle Ironies

Traveling around Myanmar, I can’t help but notice the rapid progress in the telecommunication system of this country, probably to a point where it has generally become more efficient and even cheaper than… Continue reading


A boatman steers his passenger boat to position at Yangon River.  Hundreds of commuters cross the Yangon River daily between their work in the city and their homes at the suburbs.

Flower Girl

A girl sells lotus buds and other flowers at a sidewalk outside the Shwedagon Pagoda in downtown Yangon.  The lotus has an important symbol in Buddhist belief.  Flowers are among the most preferred… Continue reading

A Roadside Scene

Bundles of handwoven grass mats wait with their owner by a roadside store for the next bus to the city.  Weaving is an alternative source of income for rural Myanmar women on lean… Continue reading

Meal Stop

A lady traveler examines the foodstuff on display at a bus stopover between Yangon and Mandalay. Among the chow one can get from these roadside diners, aside from the usual veggies and river… Continue reading

A Long Way Home

Two ladies make their way home from the ricefields in Monyo Township in the Bago Region of Myanmar.  Women comprise a significant portion of the country’s labor force in the agriculture sector as… Continue reading

Dusty Roads

A farmer and his wife ride towards home on a cartload of bamboos and firewood along the dusty rural roads of the rice-growing delta region of Bago.  The agriculture sector accounts for around… Continue reading

Farm Huts

The rustic Asian scenery is what keeps my eyes and lenses busy as I travel to the rural areas of Myanmar and it thrills me to imagine how simple and quiet life would… Continue reading

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