A Rice Planter 3

Myanmar’s Greenfields 3

A Rice Planter 2

Myanmar’s Greenfields 2

Planting Asia’s Staple Food

Rice is a cereal grain. It is the most widely consumed staple food for a large part of the world’s human population, especially in Asia, and is the agricultural commodity with the third-highest… Continue reading

A Rice Planter 1

Myanmar’s Greenfields 1

Myanmar: The Rice Planting Season is On!

Myanmar, June 2016.  The monsoon rains arrived early this year.  And, like strokes applied from a giant paint brush, the colors and shades of the fields turned from earthen brown, to water-flooded surfaces… Continue reading

Myanmar Snapshots 10: Where All Roads Lead

Typical of most agricultural areas, folks in rural Myanmar head out to their farms very early in the morning to accomplish enough farm chores before it becomes too hot to work under the… Continue reading

Myanmar Snapshots 9: Farm Life

I once took still photos of some 300 Mongolian gers (yurts) on the steppes of Bulgan Province from the passenger seat of a moving Land Cruiser in the span of three days (see my… Continue reading

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