Singkil Dancer 2

In the Singkil Dance, the lead dancer representing the legendary Princess Gandingan, maintains a solemn and dignified pose throughout the dance which starts at a slow pace then gradually rises to a crescendo… Continue reading

Lotus Morning 2

Lotus Morning

To my Christian Friends: May your Good Friday be a celebration of deeper faith, greater hope and  abundant love – Jessie  

Singkil Dancer 1

Shallow River 6

Sensuous Singkil 1

March 2014:  My camera has been idle for some months.  The demand from work has taken over most of my time and the accompanying pressure had almost killed my enthusiasm for photography.  But,… Continue reading

Shallow River 5

Shallow River 4

Shallow River 3

Shallow River 2

“Shallow River 2” / Kiunga Riverside Community, Western Province, Papua New Guinea / NOvember 2014

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