Fields of Green

These working women look lilliputian in size in the middle of the vast fields of green beans in the flood plains of the Irrawady River  in the Bago Region of Myanmar.  This year’s… Continue reading

Myanmar: When the Granaries are Full

These structures are used to store rice and other grains in rural Myanmar.  In the dry season (around October to May), when the rice fields have been harvested and the granaries are full;… Continue reading

Myanmar: Golden Harvest

A group of women harvest beans and prepares the ground for the next rice-planting season.  In June-July, when monsoon rains start, these fields gradually turn into rice paddies.  Rural farmers alternate vegetables and… Continue reading

Fish Lady on a Platform – Myanmar

Perched on a platform propped by sandbags, this lady cleans some of the river carp she’s selling as she waits for her next customers.

Coffee and A Rural Market Scene – Myanmar

February 2016:  I woke up, somewhat disoriented, to the gentle stirrings of the sleepy town of Moenyo deep in the floodplains of the Irrawaddy River in the Bago Region of Myanmar.  It was… Continue reading

Ladies at the Fish Market – Myanmar

A lady checks her mobile phone as they tend to small river fish they are selling at the public market of Moenyo township in the Bago Region of Myanmar.  Telecommunication systems has significantly… Continue reading

A Ride to Work

A group of women on board a dump truck on their way to a road construction site in Kyaukkyi Township in the Bago Region of Myanmar.

Myanmar’s “WoW”

February 2016:  Traveling towards a township on a provincial road in Myanmar, I was scanning the roadside scenery for some good photos when I spotted something on the road that I initially did… Continue reading


A group of Myanmar women wearing traditional hats form a small huddle as they wait to start the days work. Women comprise a significant portion of the labor force in Myanmar’s construction sector,… Continue reading

Girl at the Cafe

She was minding her baby brother as her parents were attending to early morning customers at their small cafe in downtown Kyaukkyi but quickly agreed to pose for a photo even before I… Continue reading

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