Singkil Dancer 5

Lotus Morning 6

Singkil Dancer 4

Sensuous Singkil 2

March 2014: On a single night, I witnessed 3 different versions of Singkil, the most popular ethnic dance among the ethnic tribes of Mindanao.  The dance tells the story of the lovely Princess… Continue reading

Lotus Morning 5

Lotus Morning 4

Singkil Dancer 3

In the Singkil Dance, as the character of Princess Gandingan, gracefully dances her way across crisscrossing bamboo poles; the character of her assistant keeps a colorful umbrella above her head and also had… Continue reading

Lotus Morning 3

Singkil Dancer 2

In the Singkil Dance, the lead dancer representing the legendary Princess Gandingan, maintains a solemn and dignified pose throughout the dance which starts at a slow pace then gradually rises to a crescendo… Continue reading

Lotus Morning 2

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