Back to Basics.  The other advantage of having a phone that has a good camera is, you can take a quick snap shot of almost anything at almost anytime. No digging inside a… Continue reading

Easter, iPhone 8+ and Galaxy Note 8

For my Easter post, I chose these two simple photos which, at least to me, suggest the upward motion of life — more or less symbolizing the message of the occasion.  This is… Continue reading

Andaman Sea: Life on the Islands

February 2018:  A visit to the farthest islands in the Andaman Sea was the main and most memorable adventure of the month.  The farthest of the islands is at least six hours from… Continue reading


As our boat cruised towards another one of the many islands scattered all over the Andaman, the setting sun turned the sky into a crimson-red palette and one of the islands into a… Continue reading




A Tryst

The hopelessly romantic side of me sometimes fantasizes of a secret rendezvous far out at sea: where the  bright, blue sky is the only witness to the clandestine meet-up; where the salty breeze flirtatiously… Continue reading

Snatching Birds from Midair in Nauru

Originally posted on A Traveler's Tale:
Eerie: Watching the Skies NO, the above photo is not a scene from one of those “Alien” movies; the men are not worshiping something in the…

An Irony

Central Province, Papua New Guinea:  The village we wished to visit, according to our local guides, was “not far” compared to those I have previously visited but it did require a few kilometers… Continue reading

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