Happy New Year!

Regardless of our current situation in life, may we welcome 2018 with joy and renewed hope, and may we always find reasons to continue celebrating the Gift of Life throughout the year and… Continue reading

Against the Tide

Bay of Bengal, November 2016.  In this part of the bay; the slow tide of development in the countryside and the surge of the internet and communication infrastructure in modern worlds do not… Continue reading

Day’s End

Bay of Bengal, November 2016.  As the sun starts to sink, before the sky turns to crimson-red and darkness overcomes daylight; the fishing net has been reloaded into the fishing boat, the meager… Continue reading


Bay of Bengal, November 2017: Meanwhile, as a complex humanitarian crisis continues to unfold near the northern sections of the Bay of Bengal, life must go on in this remote fishing village on… Continue reading


Bay of Bengal, November 2017.  My photography always takes the backseat of my priorities when doing field work.  More often than not, I am travelling with a team that operates on very tight… Continue reading

Day of Saints

I know I am at least four days late.  All Saints’ Day is celebrated in most of the Christian world every first of November in honor of all saints, known and unknown.  I… Continue reading

Spiky Beach

Imagine yourself walking barefoot towards the sea for a swim and you encounter this bed of spikes between yourself and the inviting blue waters.  Would you dare cross the thorny obstacle?  And who… Continue reading


“Lonesome”: The cold night has passed and I survived being alone.  Now I wake up to the deafening silence of this cloudy morning.  Waiting.  Yearning for company.  Hoping that somebody would finally notice… Continue reading

Morning Glory

Oh how good it is to wake up into  this glorious morning sunlight, walk barefoot out to the sea on a boardwalk that leads to a hut where the aroma of freshly brewed… Continue reading

Forest Walk

August 2017: This pathwalk inside a mangrove forest in the Island Garden City of Samal, in the Philippines, momentarily brought my imaginative mind into a fantasy world similar to scenes in Maleficient so… Continue reading

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