Andaman Sea: Nightfall

Shrimp Men

‘Til the Last Drop of Sunlight

Dusk at River Pathein


Early Morning at Haigyikyun Beach

Haigyikyun Township, Myanmar:  A woman carries a net for catching tiny shrimps in Haigyikyun along the coast of the Bay of Bengal. Many other fishermen use motorbikes to get to their preferred fishing… Continue reading

Life along the River

The Pathein River and its tributaries divide the township of Ngaputaw in Myanmar into several splinters of islands and small land masses.  Travelling on a tugboat in some of these waterways, I always… Continue reading

Portraits of Ngaputaw

My photography gear are set for two main purposes: landscapes and portraits.  The heavy 300mm lens installed in one of the two cameras I always carry around is mostly used for one purpose:… Continue reading


Ngaputaw Township, Myanmar; December 2016.  There was a festive air in the village.  Strangers from foreign lands have arrived and wanted to talk to village members.  The villagers have arranged an elaborate welcoming… Continue reading

The Message of Hpaungdawoo

Ngaputaw Township,  Myanmar, December 2016:   I don’t know if it was built to mark the spot where the Andaman Sea meets the glorious tides of the Bay of Bengal,  or the builders were… Continue reading

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