A Daily Dance

Inle Lake, Myanmar / September 2016. Just like any touristy place in the world, there are locals who pose to entertain tourists and there are those who do it because it has always… Continue reading

Fish Drive

Inle Lake, Myanmar / September 2016. Aside from the Inle fishermen’s unique way of paddling using their foot, I also discovered one of their unique ways of catching fish. ┬áThe fishermen work in… Continue reading

Village Women of Southern Shan

September 2016. Doing work in the Southern Shan State of Myanmar, I had the opportunity to enjoy sights of the gentle and colorfully clad village women from highland tribes. I had no way… Continue reading

Break Time

Postcards from Singapore 32

Postcards from Singapore 31


Shell Time

Postcards from Singapore 30

Morning Quest

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