A Monk’s Life 1

    Author’s Note: This short series features images of meditating Buddhist monks at the Golden Pagoda (Shwedagon) of Yangon, Myanmar.  A full article about Yangon and the Shwedagon will shortly follow.

It’s Warm and Easy in Tbilisi (Re-post from Feb 2012)

I started A Traveler’s Tale in July 2011.  As a new blogger in WordPress, not too many knew about this site yet and I was still struggling to understand how to best position… Continue reading

The Fire Dancers of Crocodile Park

Davao City, August 2015: I had a chance once again to visit the Tribu K’Mindanawan Cultural Village at Davao Crocodile Park to accompany a small group of guests from Manila.  Conveniently located along… Continue reading

The Fly River Delta

September 2015: Flying into the island of Daru in the Gulf of Papua, I was in search of new subjects to photograph.  For the past 3 years, I have visited the island on… Continue reading

9 Things Everyone Needs to Appreciate about Mangroves

A photo essay exploring the special qualities of Mangroves

Under the Big Mongolian Sky: Echoes from the Steppes (first published in 2012)

A photo essay about the cycle of life and nature in the Mongolian steppes

Happy Valentine’s Day

To those who are celebrating this Day of Hearts: May this waiter on skates knock at your door to deliver the heart that you’ve been longing for.  – Jessie   Author’s Note:  I… Continue reading

A Cloudy Bay Sunset

There is something about the names of certain geographic sites in the Central Province of Papua New Guinea that I find very interesting.  Among those names are “Amazon Bay”, “Aroma Coast”, “Robinson River”,… Continue reading

Port Moresby’s Crafts Market at Ela Beach

May 2015:  It was the last Saturday of the month,  the team had a few hours to spare and Erik, our team leader, suggested that we explore the Ela Beach Craft Market.  It… Continue reading

Faces of Goroka 20: A Jolly Bushman

This series features the various costumes, headdresses, masks, body paints and ornaments and the authentic Papua New Guinean tribesmen, women and children who wore them during the 2015 Goroka Show.  Touted as “the… Continue reading

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