Myanmar’s Greenfields 6

Of Nuns and Monks 3

An elderly monk offers prayers for the alms he collected for the day….

A Rice Planter 5

Myanmar’s Greenfields 5

Of Nuns and Monks 2

Myanmar, July 2016:  I am amazed at the strength of faith and dedication Myanmar people demonstrate towards their religion.  Young boys and girls, at a very young age, get trained on the teachings… Continue reading

A Rice Planter 4

Myanmar’s Greenfields 4

Of Nuns and Monks 1

Myanmar, July 2016:  Myanmar is one of the most religious countries in Asia.  Buddhist of the Theravada tradition dominate the population and, indeed, are very visible in the Myanmar people’s daily lives, from… Continue reading

A Rice Planter 3

Myanmar’s Greenfields 3

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