The Balcony – Part 3

Note from Shutter Bug: Hello again. Here’s the third set of my balcony photos of Georgia (the country) with the lines from the third stanza of the poem, “The Balcony” by Charles Baudelaire as a photo captions.… Continue reading

The Balcony – Part 2

Note from the Shutter Bug: This post is the second part of a series of photos featuring the balconies of Georgia (the country).  I arranged the 6 sets of photos to correspond to the 6… Continue reading

The Balcony – Part 1

Note from Shutter Bug: This post is the first part of a series of photos featuring the balconies of Georgia (the country).  I arranged the 6 sets of photos to correspond to the… Continue reading

The Trump Tower and Other Rising Structures in Batumi

I got excited when I saw the above image showing the Trump Tower that will soon rise in the Republic of Georgia‘s Black Sea coast of Batumi (for more details about this image,… Continue reading

“Parol” – Colorful Star of Christmas in the Philippines

Christmases in the Philippines have all the traces of foreign influence courtesy of hundreds of years of colonization and interaction with other cultures.  Christmas trees, bells, and  colored lights, even imitation images of… Continue reading

Combining PhotoScape’s Pictorialization Effects in Photos

In my previous post,  “Earthen Jars or How to ‘Paint’ with PhotoScape”; I briefly discussed how I made use of the ‘Pictorialization’ feature of PhotoScape to improve photos of earthen jars and make them… Continue reading

Jezrah – The Case of a Lovely Morphing Face

There is a road from the eye to the heart that does not go through the intellect. ~Gilbert Keith Chesterton “What?!”,  the investigator exclaimed with obvious disbelief.  “Are you telling me that these faces… Continue reading

Earthen Jars or How to ‘Paint’ with PhotoScape

Why in the world would anyone want to convert a photo into a painting? Painting was one of the first things I tried my hands on in the art world.  As a young… Continue reading

Jackwood Art

To the makers of these items it’s probably just another source of livelihood but to me it’s an art form — wood carving with practical uses.  These items are on display at stalls… Continue reading

Jezrah – An Enchanting Filipina Beauty

Her name is Jezrah. She was crowned this year’s top title in the “Mutya ng Tupi”, an annual beauty pageant highlighting the celebration of the town fiesta and founding anniversary of Tupi, a scenic municipality… Continue reading

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