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Green 6: Bamboo Grove

Green 6: Bamboo Grove.  Bamboos are an important part of the life in  rural villages in Southeast Asia.  In these areas, bamboos comprise most of the materials used to construct houses and other… Continue reading

Morning Bloom

Bamboo Vine

A City that Bamboo Built

I first visited Hong Kong in the mid-90s.  I was amazed then to find out that bamboo was their preferred material to be used as scaffolding for building or repairing high-rise buildings. Fast… Continue reading

Bamboo 2

Strong but flexible; slim but sturdy — these are the bamboo‘s admirable qualities that are often preached to be emulated in human character especially among Asians.  Being strong doesn’t necessarily mean being stiff or inflexible.… Continue reading

Bamboo 1

I chose to place the light at the background of this photo to emphasize the amazing character of this incredible plant.  A regular feature of our tropical rainforests; the bamboo is one of… Continue reading

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