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Tropical Fruit Facts and Legends: Pineapple – The Fruit of Hospitality

Strange Fruit from the Tropics In 1493, when Columbus and his men arrived in the island of Guadalupe; Carib Indians showed their gesture of friendship and hospitality to strangers by offering juicy slices… Continue reading

Tropical Fruit Facts and Legends: Coconut – The Tree of Life

A Tropical Landmark A movie scene, still photo, or sketch about a tropical place is not complete without a coconut palm  (Cocos nucifera) dominating the view.  To an outside viewer, the coconut palm is… Continue reading

Tropical Fruit Facts and Legends: Durian – Asia’s Notorious “King of Fruits”

Legendary Reputation Perhaps the most notorious of  Asian tropical fruits; the durian (pronounced /ˈdjʊriən/) attracts both extreme adoration and intense disgust from fruit eaters.  The only ‘fault’ of this controversial fruit,  widely known and revered… Continue reading

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