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Images of Georgia: Three Cities

Tbilisi, Mtskheta and Kutaisi are three of the most important cities of the country of Georgia.  Tbilisi is the present capital of Georgia, its name is derived from the presence of   hot springs which its… Continue reading

Georgian Churches & Monasteries: A Photo Gallery

The country of Georgia was one of the first in the world to adopt Christianity as a national religion and its people since then have maintained their religious piousness.  Not surprisingly, churches and… Continue reading

Photographing the Sataplia Cave

The Sataplia Nature Reserve A Georgian colleague, Amiko, and I, accompanied by an English-speaking guide, were exploring the Sataplia Nature Reserve in Kutaisi, Georgia.  We have just viewed Jurassic era footprints inside an enclosure near… Continue reading

Wood Columns in the Woods

A function hall inside the woods of Sataplia Nature Reserve beautifully makes use of wooden poles to blend with the surrounding woods.  The Sataplia Nature Reserve can be found in Kutaisi, Georgia. Related… Continue reading

The Sataplia Nature Reserve

Kutaisi Stop Over It was early spring last year and we were on our way back to Tbilisi from Georgia‘s port city of Batumi. The city of Kutaisi, Georgia’s second largest city, happens to be on… Continue reading

Spring Bloom

A wild flower blooms under a sunny spring morning by the cliff-sides of Sataplia Nature Reserve in Kutaisi, Georgia. Related Links: The Bagrati Cathedral in Kutaisi The Gelati Monastery in Kutaisi The Motsameta Monastery in… Continue reading

Forest Floor

Having toured and photographed Batumi in one day, we set out early the next morning on our return trip to Tbilisi, the Georgian capital.  But the photographic adventure was not about to end… Continue reading

Holy Khinkali!

Okay, I’m not really into food photography and I haven’t been as adventurous when it came to exploring Georgian cuisine when I was in Tbilisi. The only restaurants I have explored alone (when I… Continue reading

A Traveller’s Tale 2011 – Half a Year of Photos

Oh, how time flies! 2011 is about to end and a new year is about to begin.  I’ve been thinking of posting something special for the holidays but, after looking at my schedule… Continue reading

Benches – Part 1

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