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Capa de Leon 4

This is the last of my set of photos of this exotic hanging plant, Capa de Leon (Giant Staghorn Fern), nonetheless, they certainly are not the least.  The curves and contours, tones and textures are just… Continue reading

Nauru Seascapes

The road that goes around the island-nation of Nauru is less than 20 kilometers long so it’s quite easy to regularly drive around the country and search for photo ops. There isn’t much… Continue reading

Capa de Leon 3

The textures, lines and contours on the  Capa de Leon (Giant Staghorn Fern) were what I wanted to capture in this series of photos. I have six of  these unique plants clinging to the branches… Continue reading

Faces of Nauru

While on the topic, I thought that it would be nice to post more images taken in Nauru before posting my next article/photo essay about the country.  Some of the images below were… Continue reading

Nauru: The World’s Smallest Island-Nation

Arriving  for the first time in Nauru  in 2007 (from Brisbane with a brief stopover at Honiara, the Solomon Islands); I briefly feared that the plane would actually end up floating in the… Continue reading

Hotel Mongolia 3: Cabin in the Woods

Cabin in the Woods What mighty spells have you that I couldn’t resist, To make me want to slow down and obtain some rest? While the journey is long and there’s much work… Continue reading

Hotel Mongolia 2: A Beach in Ulan Bator

Are you kidding me?  Mongolia is a landlocked country and the big bodies of water closest to the capital,  are thousands of miles away;  how can there be a beach in Ulan Bator?  That was what came to… Continue reading

Hotel Mongolia 1

Yes, it’s the hotel’s name and, no, I did not get to stay here. It was just one of those hell of a week at work in Ulaanbaatar and I wanted to get… Continue reading

A Glimpse of Ulaanbaatar

Although vast portions of its land area are occupied by the steppes, the Gobi Desert, and mountainous forests; Mongolia‘s landscape is not totally rural.  This exotic land is dotted everywhere by small towns… Continue reading

Tales of Gobi

The adventurer, Sir Roy Andrew Chapman, one of the first foreigners to have explored the Gobi Desert in the 1920s, wrote about a funny incident in his journal.  In order to get permission… Continue reading

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