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Reflecting on the Mtkvari

The scenic Mtkvari River runs across some of the oldest and most historical sections of the Georgian capital of Tbilisi. The moment I rode by its banks, I knew that I needed to… Continue reading

By the River Mtkvari 5

I took this photo beneath the Peace Bridge, a modern pedestrian bridge at the Old Tbilisi section of the Georgian capital.  I included a section of the steel beam of the new bridge (upper… Continue reading

By the River Mtkvari 4

Here’s a brighter version of a fisherman along Mtkvari River.  This one was taken on the same morning near Old Tbilisi but at a later time when the sun has risen a bit… Continue reading

By the River Mtkvari 2

I wanted to emphasize both the bright morning sunlight and the colorful bank of Mtkvari River in this photo so I composed it in such a way that one side is glary (somewhat… Continue reading

Mirrored 4

He shook his head when I approached him along the bank of Mtkvari River and asked if he spoke English, so I gestured that I wanted to take his picture to which he… Continue reading

Mirrored 3

The Mtkvari River flows from the Caucasus Mountains where it was named Cyrus by the Greeks; flows through Turkey where it’s called Kura; through  Georgia where its called Mtkvari; and then through Azerbaijan where it’s name is Kür and where it receives the Aras River as a tributary; thus travelling a total of 1,515… Continue reading

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