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Images of Georgia: Three Cities

Tbilisi, Mtskheta and Kutaisi are three of the most important cities of the country of Georgia.  Tbilisi is the present capital of Georgia, its name is derived from the presence of   hot springs which its… Continue reading

Becka’s Boy

Despite the slight rain, I got engrossed with photographing a roadside scene near the Jvari Monastery in Mtskheta while my Georgian hosts, Becka and his family, waited in the car.  It was only… Continue reading

Holy Khinkali!

Okay, I’m not really into food photography and I haven’t been as adventurous when it came to exploring Georgian cuisine when I was in Tbilisi. The only restaurants I have explored alone (when I… Continue reading

Medieval Mtskheta

 Two Rivers Also along the banks of Mtkvari (Kura) River, at the point where it is joined by the Aragvi river, is the scenic medieval town of Mtskheta.  Located just 20 kilometres (about a half-hour drive) north of Georgia’s… Continue reading

Benches – Part 3

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Benches – Part 2

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The Jvari Monastery

On a mountaintop overlooking the old capital town of Mtskheta and the scenic  confluence of the Mtkvari and Aragvi rivers stood the ancient structure of the 6th Century Jvari Monastery. According to traditional accounts,  Saint Nino who brought… Continue reading

The Legendary Svetitskhoveli Cathedral in Mtskheta

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site  and one of the most venerated places of worship for Georgian OrthodoxChristians; the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral is located in the historical town of Mtsketa, the old capital of Georgia.  The site… Continue reading

Faithful Wells and Distant Bells

There is something about wells and bells that evokes strong memories and emotions, making them interesting subjects in photography. How wishing wells evolved suggests a belief that some wells have mystical powers other… Continue reading

Still Life & Random Objects #8

Majority of the photos I’ve collected are those of scenes and landscapes but, from time to time, while looking at a scenery, certain objects or structures stand out and catch my attention and eventually get… Continue reading

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