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The Making of Monks

In Myanmar, all boys have to experience “monk-hood” once or several times before they reach the age of 20.  In the course of a year, usually during the celebration of the Thingyan festival,… Continue reading


May 2018, Southern Shan State, Myanmar.  We were in a series of meetings to consult villagers regarding their development needs.  Luckily for me, I was not the one leading the discussions and thus… Continue reading

Rice on the Highlands

Rice is the staple food of Southeast Asia.  In Myanmar, the delta and flood plains of Ayeyarwady River, which crosses the whole stretch of the country, provide fertile and most suitable zones for… Continue reading

Fields of Green

August 2017:  It’s probably my 5th visit to this region, the Southern Shan State of Myanmar, and yet I was still as excited as the first time I came.  There was something in… Continue reading

River Cruisers



Picturesque Shan Hills

Ywangan Township, Southern Shan State, Myanmar.  God has so blessed this mountainous place so much so that monsoon rains are like heavenly manna that feed the fertile soil and make it bloom in… Continue reading

The Long-necked Kayan Women – A Surprise Encounter

A seemingly unearthly sight of a living human head ethereally suspended, almost separated, from the body by a pile of brass rings — a sight that I once naively thought could only belong… Continue reading

Lotus Lady

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