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I used to post something, mostly articles/photo essays or sets of photos, every other day.  At that rate last year, according to WP’s Annual Report which I really appreciate; it still summed up… Continue reading

Lotus Morning

I wanted to take a breather from my balcony series so I decided to post a different set of pictures today.  I’ve been recently inspired by fellow bloggers’ photos of subjects reflected on… Continue reading

Combining PhotoScape’s Pictorialization Effects in Photos

In my previous post,  “Earthen Jars or How to ‘Paint’ with PhotoScape”; I briefly discussed how I made use of the ‘Pictorialization’ feature of PhotoScape to improve photos of earthen jars and make them… Continue reading

Jezrah – The Case of a Lovely Morphing Face

There is a road from the eye to the heart that does not go through the intellect. ~Gilbert Keith Chesterton “What?!”,  the investigator exclaimed with obvious disbelief.  “Are you telling me that these faces… Continue reading

Earthen Jars or How to ‘Paint’ with PhotoScape

Why in the world would anyone want to convert a photo into a painting? Painting was one of the first things I tried my hands on in the art world.  As a young… Continue reading

Rainbow Gum in Sepia

As told in my previous post, a lazy afternoon sent me wandering with my camera into a nearby woods planted with “Bagras” (Eucalyptus deglupta), also known as Mindanao Gum, Rainbow Gum, or Rainbow Eucalyptus… Continue reading

Shellfish Gatherers of Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is a coastal town in the Province of Davao del Sur, Philippines.  It lies between the cities of Davao and General Santos and thus is a perfect place for a break… Continue reading

The Metekhi Church in Tbilisi

One outstanding feature of Georgia (the country) is the abundance of very old churches and monasteries.  Almost every major city has a medieval era religious structure usually built on photo-perfect locations on top… Continue reading

Spectators, Vendors and Street Sweepers

The annual Kadayawan Festival of Davao City (celebrated on the 3rd week of August each year) is a treasure trove of exciting pictures for budding and professional photographers.  I was fortunate to be… Continue reading

Still Life & Random Objects #8

Majority of the photos I’ve collected are those of scenes and landscapes but, from time to time, while looking at a scenery, certain objects or structures stand out and catch my attention and eventually get… Continue reading

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