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Green 6: Bamboo Grove

Green 6: Bamboo Grove.  Bamboos are an important part of the life in  rural villages in Southeast Asia.  In these areas, bamboos comprise most of the materials used to construct houses and other… Continue reading

Above the Clouds: A Farewell Kiss

A stunning sunset over the clouds

Green 5: A Rural Scene

Green 5: A Rural Scene.  The most familiar rural scenery in Southeast Asia would often comprise of vast rice fields, a thatch house and brook or a stream gurgling past it.  Paintings of… Continue reading

Above the Clouds: Two Sunsets

An amazing sunset taken some 35,000 feet above the earth

Green 4: Dry

Green 4: Dry.  I imagine these manual water pumps on their glory days when they were  the star of the daily village life — men, women and children queuing in front of these… Continue reading

Above the Clouds: A Biased Sun

A series of sunset photos taken above the clouds

Green 3: Water Pond

Green 3: Water Pond:  Open, unprotected water ponds, such as the one in the photo, is the main source of domestic water supply among many rural villages in Southeast Asia.   The pond is… Continue reading

Green 2: By the River Palms

Green 2: By the River Palms.  This type of palm is popular in many parts of Southeast Asia, especially those lined by the Mekong River and its tributaries, mainly because their fronds provide… Continue reading

Village Market – A Study of Light

I love taking photos of local village markets because they provide a snapshot of the life in the village; how villagers make a living, what they eat, what they wear, how they are… Continue reading

Living Waters 6

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