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Sidewalk Couple

Back in Ulaanbaatar, I often pass through this busy sidewalk between my office and some of the important places in the city.  Every time I pass by, I notice this couple selling some… Continue reading

Fish Vendor

On our way back to Ulaanbaatar after 3 days in Bulgan Province, we passed by Selenge, one of the few regions in Mongolia where fish is abundant because of the Selenge River.  Having… Continue reading

Back in Ulaanbaatar!

September 2012.  The last time I visited Mongolia was in Autumn of 2009.  Back then, the Mongolian economy has been enjoying rapid growth mainly spurred by a boom in mining but was facing… Continue reading

Images of Mongolia

Mongolia has been one of my most visited countries.  Between 2004 and 2009, I made around 10 visits and, in fact, I am scheduled to visit again this September. Of course  all these… Continue reading

Hotel Mongolia 2: A Beach in Ulan Bator

Are you kidding me?  Mongolia is a landlocked country and the big bodies of water closest to the capital,  are thousands of miles away;  how can there be a beach in Ulan Bator?  That was what came to… Continue reading

Hotel Mongolia 1

Yes, it’s the hotel’s name and, no, I did not get to stay here. It was just one of those hell of a week at work in Ulaanbaatar and I wanted to get… Continue reading

A Glimpse of Ulaanbaatar

Although vast portions of its land area are occupied by the steppes, the Gobi Desert, and mountainous forests; Mongolia‘s landscape is not totally rural.  This exotic land is dotted everywhere by small towns… Continue reading

Magical Sand Dunes of the Gobi Desert

Khongoryn Els or singing sand dunes is how locals refer to the dunes of Gobi Desert because of the unique, seemingly musical sound they produce.  Adding to its mystique is its constantly changing shape… Continue reading

The Ger: Faithful Mobile Home of Mongolian Nomads

The survival of a nomadic herder is largely dependent on his ability to protect himself and his family from the harsh Mongolian weather; continuously locate adequate grazing grounds for his herd; and be… Continue reading

The Nomadic Herder of Mongolia

King of the vast steppes, master of a thousand herd: he is Mongolia‘s nomadic herder. I’ve been visiting Mongolia since 2004 and had literally taken hundreds of pictures of this exotic land of Genghis… Continue reading

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