Oh, Wallaby!

Central Province, Papua New Guinea / November 2013:  I consider myself open-minded and adventurous when it comes to exotic foods and delicacies and I try my best to respect and appreciate what locals… Continue reading

Monuments of Rage

The Buka Passage is a narrow, deep and very fast flowing tidal channel that separates Buka Island by around 200 meters  from the main island of Bougainville.  Our home island for the week, the small but scenic Sohano… Continue reading

Bougainville the Brave

To somebody who watches documentary films, the name Bougainville may ring a bell.  At least two multi-awarded documentaries were made about this obscure island in the Pacific; The Coconut Revolution and Bougainville – Our Island… Continue reading

Kindergartens in the Middle of Nowhere

They call them “Ger Kindergarten”.  Yes, they are right in the middle of nowhere and yet they are fully functional, some with as many as 20 kids in the enrollment list.  The name… Continue reading

Back in Ulaanbaatar!

September 2012.  The last time I visited Mongolia was in Autumn of 2009.  Back then, the Mongolian economy has been enjoying rapid growth mainly spurred by a boom in mining but was facing… Continue reading


“May 13, 1871, 6:00 p.m.  Cotta Bato, the capital of Camiguin Island, was a quiet and attractive town, verdant in its natural wonders.  Its peaceful shores provided strolling grounds for its inhabitants as… Continue reading

Port Moresby

What About Port Moresby? Having posted dozens of photos about Papua New Guinea, I was just waiting for one of the readers to ask something like, “What about Port Moresby, what can you… Continue reading

Daru Island 2

Stranded in Daru Island in the Western Province of Papua New Guinea (see Daru Island 1); I made use of most of my free time photographing the view from my hotel’s main balcony and observing… Continue reading

The Mighty Fly River

River of Life I spent most of my recent Papua New Guinea trip in the Western Province  where the lives of almost the whole population revolve around the mighty Fly River.  “The Fly”, which flows mostly through the… Continue reading

Medieval Mtskheta

 Two Rivers Also along the banks of Mtkvari (Kura) River, at the point where it is joined by the Aragvi river, is the scenic medieval town of Mtskheta.  Located just 20 kilometres (about a half-hour drive) north of Georgia’s… Continue reading

It’s Warm and Easy in Tbilisi

The Country Georgia’s location in the Caucasus region is somewhat like a link between Eastern Europe and Western Asia.  To its west is the Black Sea and its neighbours includes Russia to the north; Turkey and Armenia to… Continue reading

Snatching Birds from Midair in Nauru

NO, the above photo is not a scene from one of those “Alien” movies; the men are not worshiping something in the skies but are swinging something in their hands; and that black… Continue reading

Under the Big Mongolian Sky: Echoes from the Steppes

I stood in the darkness in the middle of the steppe one evening and saw something I’ve never seen before; an unobstructed view of the stars in the skies above and the horizons… Continue reading

Aceh 2006

I had an opportunity to help undertake relief and rehabilitation work in Aceh in 2006, more than one year after the Indian Ocean Tsunami devastated the place. As usual, I always had a… Continue reading

A River Scene 3: Agua de Vida

Aside from providing a vital transportation network with other villages and urban centers, the Fly River and its tributaries is the main source of water for household use (bathing, cooking, washing clothes and… Continue reading

Sunday Market: Veggies in Abundance

Photographer’s Note:  Men and women in perfectly-toned dark skin — many adorned with facial and body tattoos only their fascinating tribal cultures could explain — milling about under the shade on often humid… Continue reading

A River Scene 2

While motorized dinghies can be seen plying the stretch of the Fly River, dugout canoes are still the most common means of transportation among families in villages along the river and its tributaries. … Continue reading

Sunday Market: Just Another Day

Photographer’s Note:  Men and women in perfectly-toned dark skin — many adorned with facial and body tattoos only their fascinating tribal cultures could explain — milling about under the shade on often humid… Continue reading

A River Scene 1

It was a beautiful day in November and I was excited.  After two years, I’ll have another opportunity to visit villages in the jungles (locals and Aussies would call it “the bush”) along… Continue reading

Sunday Close-up: Standing Out


Sunday Close-up: Taken 2


Mary Kate

“Nearly 25 years ago, the world made a promise to children: that we would do everything in our power to protect and promote their rights to survive and thrive, to learn and grow,… Continue reading

Sunday Close-up: Lotus Bud


Sunday Close-up: Arch