The Metekhi Church in Tbilisi

12th Century Metekhi Church in Tbilisi, Copyright Jessie T. Ponce 2010

One outstanding feature of Georgia (the country) is the abundance of very old churches and monasteries.  Almost every major city has a medieval era religious structure usually built on photo-perfect locations on top of scenic hills and panoramic cliffs.

I was fortunate to have taken a collection of photos of several Georgian churches and monasteries between November 2010 and April 2011.  I’m pleased to post my photos of each church separately under a new category, “Cathedrals, Churches and Monasteries”.

12th Century Metekhi Church in Tbilisi, Copyright Jessie T. Ponce 2010

One of my favorites is the Metekhi Church in Tbilisi, the national capital.  The church is not so big but it is rich in history and it beautifully sits on a cliff overlooking the Mkvari River in a section called Old Tbilisi. The district where the church stands is a very old neighborhood where, according to  historical accounts, King Vakhtang I Gorgasali erected the first church and his own residence.  Thus the name Metekhi which literally means “the area around the palace”.

The church itself was built around the 12th Century but has since gone through a cycle of damages and restorations including closure under the Russian rule. A statue of King Gorgasali’s on a horse dominates the church grounds by a cliff overlooking an old bridge.

The Metekhi Church at night. Copyright Jessie T. Ponce 2010

12th Century Metekhi Church, Copyright Jessie T. Ponce 2010

View of the Metekhi Church from the Narikala Fortress at night. Copyright Jessie T. Ponce 2010

The Metekhi Church taken from a mobile vehicle. Copyright Jessie T. Ponce 2010

I’ve been itching to capture the Metekhi Church in photos but, for several days, I was just passing by its location and only captured this last photo while in a moving car. I liked the blurred effect of the motion on the trees but still scheduled time later to explore the site on foot.

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